The time and effort you spend preparing fertile soil and nourishing pasture must be matched by feeds that deliver optimum nutrition. Whether it's a herd or a flock, the right feed for your farm is as close as a chat with Farmlands. The knowledge and expertise Farmlands can offer will help you achieve greater results this spring across the whole of your farm.








NRM GrowUp 20% Protein Pellets 20kg 

For a premium high protein starter feed for calves as young as four days old, NRM GrowUp 20% will bridge that energy/protein gap and meet the needs of your rapidly growing calves.







NRM Lamb Performance 20kg

Designed for young lambs four days old through until after weaning, NRM Lamb Performance pellets are packed with protein and readily digestible to encourage good rumen development.




NRM Lamb Start Mix 20kg

Suitable for young milk-fed lambs, NRM Lamb Start Mix is a high quality, nutritious textured starter feed formulated to allow young lambs to achieve.




Virkon™ S

Leading the way forward in best practice biosecurity programmes, Virkon S has proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi. 









Reliance Calf Grower 20% 25kg

Exclusive to Farmlands, Reliance Calf Grower 20% is a high protein calf pellet to encourage good growth rates in young calves. 






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