our history

Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited was born from the desire of everyday farmers to work together to get themselves a better deal.

More than 50 years later that desire has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest co-operatives, helping rural shareholders nationwide get the most from their business, at the fairest possible price.

Like most great New Zealand stories, Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited was born from a couple of get-togethers - one at Eskdale Hall in Hawke’s Bay, the other the Outram Hotel in Otago. These two meetings, in 1962 and 1963, brought together farmers who were disillusioned with the monopoly and high margins enjoyed by stock firms in their areas. They wanted their neighbours to get the best possible price for the everyday materials needed to run a successful farm.

From those humble beginnings as Economic Trading Society and Otago Rural Trading Society, the years saw like-minded groups from around the country merge and amalgamate with what would become known as Farmlands Trading Society Limited (Farmlands) and Combined Rural Traders Limited (CRT).

Fast forward to 2013 and New Zealand’s two most powerful rural trading societies became one entity – Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited – the one-stop service that rewards its shareholders for their loyalty with rebates on the products they buy and services they use.

As the co-operative enters its second half century, it is better placed than ever to offer shareholders a superior deal. With more than 1,000 staff servicing more than 64,000 shareholders through a network of 82 stores, Farmlands has evolved from the “bread and butter” of rural life, to a top 20 New Zealand company, with turnover in excess of $2 billion annually.

Offering shareholders competitive pricing on everything from fuel to finance to fertiliser, Farmlands is proud to continue fighting to make prices more competitive, while offering expert technical advice.

Through its diverse and industrial high-end offerings in Retail, Fuel, Lubricants, Agronomy, Nutrition and Horticulture, a robust Card offering and partnerships with Real Estate and Finance services, Farmlands is a major player in New Zealand rural industry.

We’re your co-operative.