Precision Farming


Pay your annual subscription for your Precision Farming Land and Infrastructure Data Pack and receive:

  • 5% shareholder rebate

Precision Farming provides farm management hardware, software, reports and services focused on land and infrastructure. These include:


  • GPS Guidance, autosteering and machine control systems for tractors, combine harvesters, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers
  • Fertiliser Application Systems for commercial and private fertiliser trucks and trailers
  • Water monitoring, control and reporting hardware for farm, stock, shed and irrigation water
  • Soil moisture and temperature hardware
  • Effluent monitoring, control and reporting hardware
  • Dairy shed systems for milk vat temperature, rotary platform reporting, hot & cold water management hardware and more


  • GPS Farm Mapping and online secure access
  • Live electronic fertiliser management including annual fertiliser planning, fertiliser ordering with selected suppliers, placement of spreading orders electronically with ground spread contractors and selected top dressing aircraft
  • Automatic, electronic, live reporting of fertiliser spreading, based on recording what was actually applied, not just on what was requested.
  • Live reporting of soil moisture and temperature from installed hardware and third parties
  • An advanced feed budget algorithm, that enables dairy farmers to optimise their profit or production by selecting the optimum mix of pasture and supplementary feed, based on changing pasture growth rates and availability and prices for supplementary feed.

Of the many advantages to farmers of the Precision Farming System, one of the most important is that the Precision system provides live, automatic, sensor-originated data directly to the farmer.  Many other systems offer only data storage, which means you have to type in the records.  These records are labour intenstive, often late, inaccurate or incomplete, and are usually based on what is intended to happen, such as ordering fertiliser spreading from a ground spread contractor, known as “as intended” records, rather than being based on what actually happened, known as “as applied” records. Applied records are live, automatic, accurate, complete, and based on the actual activities that got completed.

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