From the CEO

Welcome to the November issue of The Farmlander. In this month’s edition, we are shining a light on the co-operative movement and the enduring benefits of working Together. While questions have been raised in some quarters of the value of the co-operative business model in modern business, I am steadfast in my belief it is more relevant than ever. As we move forward in a world where scale and size provides a distinct advantage, our shareholder base provides us with the size. We need to build on our flexibility to adapt and evolve in this fastchanging landscape.

How best to utilise the scale we have accumulated is part of our journey forward. The yardstick for this journey is our annual financial result, which will be available to view at from 31st October. We are measured on our success as a business and we therefore consider the result to be good – but not great.

Our shareholders have faced challenging conditions and significant change over the past year – economic, environmental, political and social. Arguably the most pleasing thing about our result is it was a test of the steps we have taken to be a more flexible, resilient business during difficult times for our shareholders, which we have passed.

The ability to adapt to change has been a central theme through our Braveheart transformation programme. Braveheart continues at pace and by the end of this month, all of our 82 stores will be on the new Microsoft D365 system. This new system is table stakes for how we do business today and into the future and I thank all of you for your patience and understanding during the roll-out of this new system.

Spring has brought measures of success and challenge, depending on where you are in New Zealand. The busy season brings with it new opportunities and we are better placed than ever to provide you with both what you have always needed and introduce new ways of thinking for the future.

I wish you all the best for a successful end to spring.