From the CEO

This has been a year of adaptability and resilience for us all. We have been open with shareholders about the need for change for our co-operative, to make sure we are delivering the benefits our shareholders expect of us.

Over the past month, we have been working through some of these changes with our people. We are preparing to revise our structure to focus on four key areas:

  • Ensure we are providing goods and servicesat quality and cost that reflects our scale and relevance to the New Zealand primary sector. 
  • Harness the Braveheart platform to drive the efficiency and effectiveness that will deliver the best experience possible for our shareholders and suppliers.
  • Earn and reward the loyalty and trust of our shareholders. 
  • Provide independence and thought leadership inside the farm gate.

Delivering in these four key areas will help us achieve our 'why' – Grow shareholder success. Our ambition is to harness our co-operative spirit to be first for New Zealand food and fibre inputs. To do this, we need to be better at delivering the best customer experience, being your trusted partner and becoming a more insightsled organisation. Our values remain unchanged, as does the organising idea that shapes who we are – Together Stronger. It's a message that resulted in the formation of our business more than half a century ago. It continues to drive us forward, together with more than 70,000 New Zealand farmers and growers.

Uncertainty has dominated this year. Farmlands wants to be the business that provides you with the information and offers you need to navigate this uncertainty. You need a strong, resilient co-operative to join you on this new era for the primary sector. The reality is to get better outcomes for you, we need to adjust, respond, initiate and be proactive. This has been a driver of our  historic success and it will continue to do so, as we head into an exciting, albeit not without its challenges, future.