From the CEO

While the current focus for our shareholders is the busy autumn season, in this issue we have started to look ahead to winter planning. There is plenty of useful information in our PLAN365 articles – they provide shareholders with best practice solutions to common challenges, with expert advice from our leading suppliers.

By planning ahead, we can work together to deliver more success for your business. There are no days off with farming and we have shaped our strategies on what our shareholders will need 5 years from now, instead of what worked 5 years ago.

The need to think ahead is more important than ever as we navigate the current period of economic uncertainty. The financial markets have flinched in the wake of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Add in the fallout from Brexit, extreme weather events, upcoming elections in New Zealand and the United States and there are plenty of variables to factor into any plans.

With so much uncertainty, good planning is critical and we hope the content of this Farmlander will help stimulate you to better prepare.

By now you will have been made aware of the ending of our relationship with Toyota. We have had three good years with Toyota and I want to acknowledge their contribution to our co-operative over that time.

This decision has led to our re-engagement with Ford. During our negotiations Ford have demonstrated to us that they are our natural vehicle partner to supply the offer and vehicles we need to deliver great outcomes for our shareholders. I am very pleased with this re-engagement and we can all look forward to the ongoing benefits you will see from this rekindled relationship.

I wish you all the best for the month ahead.