Thank you for supporting blue

Farmlands is delighted to report another impressive fundraising result for the prostate cancer cause. Thanks to the support of co-operative staff, shareholders, suppliers and customers – over $68,000 was raised as part of the Blue September campaign.

This significant donation enables the Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand to:

  • Continue supporting some of the 41,000 men who are living beyond a prostate cancer diagnosis in our country¬¬
  • Get in behind the network of 35+ support groups, many that operate in regions
  • Help fund several important research projects including the training of Medical Detection Dogs that will add a new dimension to prostate cancer testing methods. There is currently one dog in intensive training and two younger dogs being prepared for training.
  • Support the delivery of patient education forums around the country, like those recently held in Taupo, Wanganui and New Plymouth
  • Develop even further our engagement programmes with GPs – to bring them up to speed on the latest research and best practice in diagnosis and treatment
  • Ensure their small and energetic team of staff can keep promoting prostate cancer awareness through events and activities (including Blue September)
  • Advocate to government and medical supply companies for improved access to medicines and procedures for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Don’t forget to get your chook-up!

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