Grass Guide

Farmlands is proud to announce its partnership with Sixty-5 and the Grass-Guide product

Avoid overlaps and misses with simple-to-use GPS guidance, designed specifically for the grassland farmer to save fertiliser, time and fuel.

What is Grass-Guide?

Grass-Guide 2 is an easy-to-use GPS guidance product designed for busy farmers wanting better results from simpler technology. Without the complications of current precision farm technology, Grass-Guide 2 is an easy to use tool that helps farmers be more efficient in the field. It reduces fertiliser over-application and waste, while at the same time recording what has happened where and when within the paddock, for accurate proof-of-placement.

What do I need to use Grass-Guide?

Everything you need to get started with Grass-Guide comes in the box.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet Mounting System

  • NovAtel AG-Star GPS Receiver

Why should I use Grass-Guide?

With continual pressure from weather, input prices and traceability, Grass-Guide 2 has been designed for busy farmers who do not want the complication of technology but require an easy-to-use system to help them be more efficient in the field by reducing waste through over-application.

Coverage mapping shows you where you’ve been and virtual field markers show you where to steer.

Finish a field and start a new one with a simple press of a button.

When the job is complete view the details on a Bing map on the free-to-view Grass-Guide online portal.

How do I purchase Grass-Guide?

Selected Farmlands stores nationwide are stocking the Grass-Guide. For further information head in-store, talk to your TFO, get in touch with Farmlands Customer Care.

I want to know more about Grass-Guide

Head in to your nearest Farmlands store, talk to your TFO or get in touch with Farmlands Customer Care.

Read more about Grass-Guide here.