Leafcutter Bees

General facts about Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter bees belong to the family Megachilidae and are members of the genus Megachile. They are non-aggressive and non-colonising solitary bees. They’re generalists; meaning they don’t stick to certain blossoms, they pollinate whatever they find and like, eg. most blossoming garden fruit, vegetables and various flowers.

They are fuzzy with thin yellow/grey stripes down the abdomen. They are a little smaller than a honey bee. They will also work in unison with any and all types of bees. A single female leafcutter bee visits 10,000+ blossoms per day compared to a honey bee, which visits just 50 – 1000. They don’t travel more than a few hundred metres unless there is a shortage of flowers to forage on, so pollination stays in your garden!

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