Getting the right combination of protection for your crop is made so much easier when you've got Farmlands on hand to steer you in the right direction. The brands Farmlands works with have been perfecting their products for well over a century, so you can rest assured we can help get the whole of your farm producing better results this spring.







CALEY iblon

Delivering outstanding control of the key diseases of wheat, triticale, barley and ryegrass seed crops, CALEY iblon delays plant deterioration, leading to a longer period for yield production 







Betanal quattro

Easy to use, with a flexible dose rate, Betanal quattro combines four key herbicides in one formulated mixture that allows a range of weed sizes to be targeted.  




Movento® 100SC

Offering a unique two-way systemicity in plants, Movento 100SC moves upwards and downwards, reaching pests that cannot be directly targeted by spray coverage. 









Offering best-in-class control of shepherd's purse and fumitory, Korvetto means short plant-back for flexible crop rotations and a built-in seed oil adjuvant, so no need for a wetting agent. 








For weed control in forage brassicas, Milestone offers improved crop safety in a high-strength formulation with reduced packaging and handling requirements. 




Tordon™ PastureBoss™

Providing residual control of germinating seedlings for a few weeks after application, Tordon PastureBoss means faster brownout and high pasture productivity. 









Fast pouring, rainfast in 15 minutes and compatible with a wide range of tank partners, CRUCIAL®  will give you fast knockdown and a quicker turnaround on your annual and perennial weeds. 







Pulse® Penetrant

This innovative technology has been developed in New Zealand and will help increase the uptake rate of active ingredients and reduce rainfastness from 2 hours to 15*minutes.

*Backed by Nufarm performance guarantee   




Attack® Insecticide

Cost effective and able to provide outstanding control of a wide variety of insects, Attack offers a 5-way mode of action from contact to repellency, with a grazing withholding period of only 7 days. 





A custom designed crop spray oil that improves deposition, wetting and spreading. It aids in the management of droplet quality and reduces median droplet size. 




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