Farmlands and Ballance Agri-Nutrients

The winning combination some farmers aren’t to keen to share.

Discover the winning combination that helps improve production on your property and you could be excused for guarding it closely. After all, protecting your competitive advantage makes sense, right? Well not in the case of the farmers featured below who are only too pleased to share the results they’ve seen on their properties. Because they believe something this good deserves to be shared.

Case 1 Nigel
Case 3 Case 4

A combination that makes good business sense

  • Enjoy competitive pricing and payment options  - when purchasing Ballance fertilisers through your Farmlands Account. Your purchases will also count towards your annual Farmlands Loyalty Rebate. In the last three years, Farmlands has paid out more than $1.5m in Loyalty Rebates on fertiliser purchases alone.*
  • Well supported – with 81 Farmlands branches throughout the North and South Islands, and a Ballance Agri-Nutrients distribution network including 35 Consignment stores plus 35 Service Centres.
  • Unrivalled experience – with both Farmlands and Ballance working alongside Kiwi farmers for more than 50 years.

To purchase Ballance Agri-Nutrients fertiliser products through your Farmlands account, visit your local Farmlands branch or call 0800 200 600.